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UPVC Door Locks

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The job of UPVC door locks is to keep your premises secure and the modern ones do it quite well. They tend to have a long lifespan too. Still, the risk of issues is not completely eliminated. When they come up, you have to act quickly.UPVC Door Locks

Door Lock Repairs

What’s wrong with the lock? If it’s sticky, both the key and the cylinder require careful inspection and testing. Worn cylinders and bent and damaged keys should be replaced right away. When the key turns smoothly, but the deadbolt doesn’t retract or slip into the strike receiver, the issue is with the locking mechanism. Dryness is eliminated with cleaning and lubricating. If the mechanism is broken, however, it has to be replaced. Sometimes, the malfunction could be due to a loose strike plate. It has to be properly aligned and the screws have to be tightened.

Front Door UPVC Problem

When the door can’t be closed, there are multiple possible causes and a thorough check will reveal the actual one. If the deadbolt doesn’t work, the locking mechanism should be fixed or changed. The strike plate must be adjusted securely into place. If the lockset is fine, the issue is most likely with the weather strips. If they are loose, worn or damaged, they should be replaced. If the door and frame are misaligned, the hinges are to blame. Loose and bent ones have to be repaired. The final step of the fix involves accurate door alignment.

Lock Replacement

You don’t have to wait until the existing device gets completely worn or broken. Regular lock changing is beneficial for keeping the property perfectly secure at all times. The new lockset must meet the latest British Standards. The replacement involves removing the old components, cleaning and fixing the door, if needed, and installing the new cylinder, locking mechanism and hardware.

Having problems with your UPVC lock looking to upgrade to a more advanced device? Count on us to do the job with precision. Locksmith Northolt repairs and replaces locks and keys and fix all kinds of other door problems. To get professional help, call us or leave a message.

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