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Build up your lock and key knowledge by visiting our handy tips page today!

Let go of your ignorance regarding door locks and keys and other widely used security devices. Use this page to obtain important tips in the locksmith field which will be of great help to you in different situations. Find out how to take the best actions and decisions for optimal security.

  • Get a Mortise sash lock as central mechanism for your UPVC door

    UPVC door locks are fantastic protectors because they use several mechanisms to do their jobs. But they are only as strong as their central locking mechanisms. That is why it’s a good idea to have one installed with a British Standard, five lever mortise sash lock. These give the best protection and are a good foundation for the other mechanisms to work with.

  • Maintaining automotive security

    Just like home security, car security is equally important. Your car takes you places and it is essential to check the security of it on a regular basis. Customers need to ascertain if the locks require repairs, keys replacement, or the keys are likely to jam the ignition.

  • Rekey locks often

    To ensure the highest standard of security for your home or car, it is ideal to get the locks rekeyed often. This can be performed once a year if possible. This way, previous access can be restricted and the property is secured all the time. Rekeying should be performed by professional locksmiths from Locksmith Northolt.

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