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How to Replace French Door Locks

05/17/2015 Back To Blog

Lock replacementFrench doors are lovely, stylish and convenient solutions for balconies, patios or even for interior use. Though, when they lead outside they should lock properly so that you won't have security problems. If the door locks do not work well, security can be breached easily. Despite their beauty, these doors have a disadvantage in terms of their security. Your large glass panel can light the entrance beautifully, but it can also be broken by intruders. So, you don't need to take more risks by having unreliable locks. There are many solutions in regard to glass today, but it's also important to have good locks. Consequently, lock replacement is critical when there is something obviously wrong with the mechanism.

Replace the lock with attention

Proper deadbolt installation presupposes some skills, the right tools and also getting the right new dead bolt. So, make sure you make the right bolts and if you lack the skills, call Locksmith Northolt for the job. In order to remove the existing lock, you must keep the door open. The strike plate on the stationary door should be removed first. You will just have to remove the two screws and then do the same on the moving door in order to remove the latch plate. This can happen once you remove the main lock body and then the plate underneath at the interior part of the door. You will probably have to twist the mechanism of the deadlocks a bit in order to remove it.

If your French doors lock in three different points and you want to replace these security locks too, you will have to remove the door. With the help of a hammer and flat screwdriver, tap the door's hinge pins upwards till the door is lifted. Then you can remove it. You will need to loosen the screws keeping the bolts at the upper and lower parts of the door in order to remove the bolts. Then you will have to remove the strike plate of the upper door jamb. In order to minimize trouble and task duties, choose the same size locks for all three locking points of your French doors. This way, you will avoid drilling new holes or enlarging the existing ones.

Time to install the new locks! Start by placing the bolts at the upper and lower parts of the stationary door and make sure they extend enough outwards when the thumb latch is used. Then you must place the plates on the door and upper door jamb and put back the door in the hinges by placing the pins and tapping them with the hammer downwards this time. Close the door and make sure the bolts work alright. Now it's time to install the main lock by placing the new strike plate at the stationary door and then the latch bolt at the door where the main locking mechanism is. Put in place the plates and handles or levers and tighten the screws just enough to check if the bolt is aligned, comes all the way out and that the door closes well. Once you check these things, tighten the screws well and try to lock the door several times in order to be sure the job is done correctly.

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