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You will certainly benefit from the following answers to common questions on locks and security

Expand the knowledge that you have on locks and keys and security in general. Discover the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions in the locksmith professional field. Use the things that you learn here to have better secured assets now and in the long term too.

Discover the greatest and smartest solutions to a number of serious lock and key related problems through the following answers we offer to frequently asked questions. We remain practical, keep our answers short and try to keep the content understandable and plain. You will love them.

  • How can I further reinforce my UPVC door locks?

    If, for some reason, you are not getting the required security measures out of your UPVC door locks, consider bolstering them by having additional devices fitted to the door to give them greater protection. You can use hinges, padlocks and deadbolts, all of which should be fitted by a professional smith so that they perform the way they are meant to.

  • What is lock re-keying?

    This is one way of ensuring the security of your home or vehicle, in case your keys were lost. It’s cheaper than having to change your locks. The existing locks will be modified to fit a new set of keys so the lost ones will not work with them anymore.

  • I damaged my key, should I change my lock?

    There is no need to replace locks in case of damaged keys; what you need is key replacement. We also suggest creating an extra key be made for your future use. However, if you feel the urge to upgrade your locks, Locksmith Northolt helps do that for you as well.

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